May 8 Saturday:  Cinco De Mayo celebration.
2 pm- Margarita and Pinata party in club
7 pm- Potluck dinner 

May 28 Friday: 7 pm- Wine and cheese social, 9 pm- dance
May 29 Sat: 11am-4pm- Basket raffle,
band poolside,
7 pm- potluck and 9 pm- dance
May 30 Sun: 10am- noon- All you can eat breakfast $8 per person,
2 pm- Cornhole tournament, $5 entry, cash payout
9 pm- dance   

June 12 Sat @ dusk- DVD concert poolside
June 19  Sat @ 2 pm- WP  Summer Olympic Games
Sign up sheet in clubhouse!

July 2 Fri @ 7pm- Wine and cheese social. Bring your favorites to share!
July 3 Sat- Music poolside, pot luck at 7 pm, fireworks @ dusk!
July 4 Sat @ 2pm- Annual golf cart race 

July 24 Sat @ 11am-4pm Parrot Head basket raffle
Potluck dinner at 7 pm
July 31 Sat @ 9 pm- Annual Black Light Party- Please bring an
   hors d'oeurves for the party!  

Sept 18 Annual 5k run. Info and sign up here : 5K Race                                                       


For smart phone and tablet users, an app for Whispering Pines Nudist Resort is now available!  The app is called "Team App".  The app is  designed for sports teams to stay organized and keep all members, players, coaches, officials, etc informed of events concerning the "team". Well now Whispering Pines Nudist Resort  (WPNR)  is a "team"!!

The app is designed for those persons who often use their smart phone/tablet  and are interested in being informed of Whispering Pines events, news, changes in events or policies, and much more. It can basically do everything the current website can do plus it will send real time notifications and reminders to your phone or tablet of events and newsworthy items concerning WP. You DO have the option to turn off these notifications if you do not wish to receive them.

To download the app to your device, while on your smartphone or tablet,
go to:       http://teamapp.com/app

Then click on  the appropriate link for your device :
Google Play for android devices
App Store for Apple/Ipad/Iphone)

Install the app as instructed.

Once the app is downloaded, open the app and perform a club search for "WPNR".

When the WPNR icon appears, click on it and you will be prompted to "sign up to team app." Provide the necessary information (although instead of full name you can just use your first  and last initial if you prefer.... just be sure to put a "space" between them).

Be sure to supply gender and agree to the terms of service.  Shortly you will receive an email to the address you provided to verify your email address... verify and then you are ready to go! You will only have to go thru this "search" process one time.. once WPNR is listed as your team it will be there each time you check in on the Team app!
A couple visits Whispering Pines for the first time and participates  in the Sunbare Whispers 5k Run/Walk.  Click on the below links to read their accounts of their experience.

His perspective
Her perspective